# System Settings

After ClickVisual deployment, the first thing to do is to configure the Kubernetes cluster and ClickHouse data source.

# 1. Instances Management

In the top nav bar,select Setting -> Cluster:


As we haven't configure any clusters yet, the list is empty.Click +Add cluster,Fill in the pop-up form with the cluster information to be configured, including cluster name, API server address, Kube-config, etc.


After submission, it can be used for the distribution of LogAgent configuration.

# 2. ClickHouse data source management

In the top nav bar,select Setting -> Instances:


By default, no data source instance is configured, so this is blank,click +Add instance, add a new ClickHouse instance as datasource.

datasource config like that



After configuring the dev-clickhouse data source, it can be used in the log query page later.

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