# Subpath Config

version >= 0.2.2

You need change two Configuration item: Import environment variables and recompile the front-end; Update the backend service starts configuration.

For example,if you want to support this subpath:http://localhost:19001/clickvisual/

  1. Import environment variables and recompile the front-end.Execute the command in the project root directory

make build.ui build.dist

export PUBLIC_PATH=/clickvisual/

  1. Compile the back-end

make build.api

After the above two steps are successfully completed, the compiled binary file will be obtained in the folder ./bin, and the front-end file has been packaged into the binary file.

Modify service startup configuration:

  • serveFromSubPath true
  • rootURL (subpath configuration)
serveFromSubPath = true
rootURL = "http://localhost:19001/clickvisual/"

The directory structure is shown in the following figure,execute the command to start:

./bin/clickvisual --config=./config/default.toml


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