# 2022 Roadmap

Here, we disclose our product roadmap plan to you. On the one hand, it is to maintain the transparency of open source projects. On the other hand, developers can also formulate more appropriate engineering solutions according to our work priorities.

At present, we will focus on the following points:

  • Core and foundation
  • Ease of use

Our plan will be adjusted according to your feedback. If you have any feedback, we encourage you to keep in touch with us through issue. ClickVisual is an open source project. We encourage you to join us.

# Release

It is planned to release the version at the end of each month and submit the RC version every Friday.

# Areas of concern

# Core and foundation

At present, the first task is to build the foundation for the core of ClickVisual:

  • Fix Bug: Including but not limited to the problems raised by the community during installation and use;
  • Performance Optimization: for example, update the ClickHouse go version; Optimize the request logic for specific query scenarios; Try to give the best practice of ClickHouse through ClickVisual visualization in general scenarios;
  • Improve the test process: improve the unit test coverage to ensure that the functional development will not produce version regression for the stable version;

# Ease of use

  • User experience Optimization: conduct in-depth communication with community users in terms of UI, and make horizontal comparison with similar projects;
  • Function module: develop new function modules according to the high-frequency requirements put forward by the community;
  • Document improvement: update the official documents to provide more detailed documents and tutorials;

# Ecosystem

Pay attention to the construction of ecosystem

  • Diverse log collection support
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